Aveng Grinaker-LTA Civil Engineering

Aveng Grinaker-LTA Civil Engineering is renowned for its industry-leading track record for executing complex major projects professionally, efficiently and timeously. Through continuous improvement, forward strategic thinking and quality delivery, we ensure our differentiated solutions provide definitive value propositions to the satisfaction of all our customers.

The company participates in the construction of all major projects including dams, stadia, mining process plants and infrastructure, industrial buildings and factories, industrial process plants, water and sewer purification plants, bridges, airports, harbours and marine structures, irrigation systems, hydro-electric schemes, reservoirs and concrete paving.

Aveng Grinaker-LTA Karrena Africa

Aveng Grinaker-LTA Karrena Africa is a sub-division of Aveng Grinaker-LTA Civil Engineering and provides a comprehensive engineering design, supply and construction service for refractories, concrete rehabilitation, industrial and slipforming.

The division specialises in turnkey refractory packages including the design, material selection, supply and installation of refractory linings, as well as full service refractory maintenance contracts.

It offers a comprehensive spectrum of services in concrete preservation, repair and rehabilitation. Specialist applications include protective coatings, jointing systems, grouting systems and general civil repair work using cementitious polymer modified repair systems.

This division also provides a full range of design and construction services for chimneys. The company’s comprehensive on-line and off-line inspection, maintenance and repair services include the installation of dust monitoring equipment, lightning arrestor inspection and re-instatement, repair and installation of access systems, brickwork repairs, flue cleaning, concrete rehabilitation and stack demolition.

The division provides slipformed chimney windshields, stair and lift cores for high rise buildings, bridge piers, silos, tanks, the lining of underground ventilation and lift shafts and mine gears.

Aveng Grinaker-LTA Ground Engineering

Aveng Grinaker-LTA Ground Engineering (GEL) is a sub-division of Aveng Grinaker-LTA Civil Engineering and enjoys an enviable reputation for being a leading force in the geotechnical contracting and engineering industry for over 35 years.
The operation offers the civil engineering, building and mining industries an extensive range of geotechnical engineering services from site investigations to all types of piling, ground improvement, lateral support, basement construction and environmental services.